Free shower heads

Free shower heads for VIC households under VEU

Attention Victorian homeowners! Claim 100% free shower heads under the VEU program Swap your conventional shower head with a water-saving one, and reduce your water use and energy costs by up to 30%.

Upgrade your shower, save on water and dollars

Claim your no-cost water-efficient shower with EcoGeek through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. We provide both wall-mounted and handheld shower options under the rebate scheme for households in Victoria. Choose EcoGeek for a sustainable solution!

Upgrading old shower heads with energy-efficient showerheads:

Who is eligible for free shower heads upgrade?

To be eligible to upgrade your water-saving shower heads, you must:

How to get free shower heads for your house?

Step 1

Check eligibility

Provide your property details to determine your eligibility for the rebate.

Step 2

Book an appointment

Discuss product options and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Step 3


Our certified installer will install new shower head(s) at your home.

Step 4

Start saving

Cut water usage and energy costs; start saving on your monthly bills.

Why call us to install free shower heads at your house?

We’ve helped 29,000+ households across Victoria save 1000’s of dollars on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint, by installing 98,000+ energy efficient products.

We only install VEU-approved products

We only install quality products under the VEU rebate program. This enables us to help you improve energy efficiency and save money at your household, while protecting the environment.

We'll handle it all, start to finish

Right from assessing your current energy consumption to advising and installing an energy-efficient product that comes at no cost to you to submitting the paperwork to the government, we handle the entire process from beginning to end.

Benefits of government rebates directly to you

We handle the government rebate and paperwork part, so you don't have to. We deliver government incentives and access to free energy-efficient products and services directly to you.

100% customer satisfaction, delivered!

We genuinely believe in 100% satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to delivering the products and services to our customers that make a positive difference in their day-to-day life.

Make the switch now!

Effortless upgrade, endless delight

Are you tired of wasting water and money on inefficient shower heads? Unlock the power of energy-efficient shower heads under the VEU rebate program and transform your bathroom into an oasis of efficiency.

Simple, hassle-free process

By claiming your free shower heads, you'll not only save on your utility bills but also do your part in preserving our planet. Join the movement towards a more sustainable future and enjoy the benefits of the water-saving shower.

Conserve water, save money

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your bathroom and save money. Claim your free shower heads and unlock a world of water-saving benefits for your home.

Claim your free shower heads now

    FAQs about Free Shower Heads Upgrade

    A water-saving shower head helps you use less water each time you take a shower. Many shower heads mix air with water, leading the aerated water to require a reduced flow rate. The pressure of the water does not change, so you can still enjoy a superb showing experience.
    shower heads upgrade under the government scheme? Yes! All Victorian households using inefficient shower heads are eligible for free shower heads under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.
    Yes! Because the upgrade is done under the VEU rebate program, the product and installation comes at no cost to customers.
    Shower heads are installed by our installers.
    No, your participation is voluntary. However, you can accept or reject an offer made by APs or their representatives. The state government encourages every VIC household to switch to energy efficient products for energy efficiency and reduced energy bills.
    All products we install are approved under the VEU program.
    To receive the benefits of the VEU rebate scheme. VEU-approved products offer high energy efficiency and longer lifespan.
    Because they need to go for decommissioning by the AP. This is to ensure that the old/inefficient product(s) is not used somewhere else after being removed.