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Free Weatherproofing Door Seals For Victoria Homes

We install free door seals, which work to insulate your home both in winter and summer, and help save on your electricity costs for heating and cooling your home. The door seals are installed under the VEU rebate program.

Claim your FREE chimney seals and save $100’s on your electricity bills.
We supply and install door seals completely free of charge under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.
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Door seals: Keeping warmth in and costs out

Did you know 9 out of 10 homes in Victoria have unwanted draughts? Air leakage and unwanted draughts within the home accounts for up to 25% of winter heat loss. Sealing unwanted gaps in the home can result in significant savings on your heating and cooling bill.

Closing these gaps with free door seals helps in maintaining room temperature by blocking air to escape and enter your home, making your heating and HVAC solutions more effective.

Take advantage of the Victorian Energy Upgrades rebate program to have your external doors sealed with free door seals in Victoria.

What are door seals and how do they work?

Door seals create a tight seal at your front door. They are typically made from highly durable and insulating materials designed to withstand weather conditions. When installed properly, door seal prevents conditioned indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from entering the room.

During the colder months, when your heating system is in use, the door seal ensures that warm air circulates within your home. This helps in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without overworking your heating system.

In the summer, door seal prevents hot outdoor air from entering your living spaces, keeping indoor temperature unaffected. This can reduce the strain on your cooling system and contribute to lower energy bills.
free door seals victoria VEU government rebate program

Benefits of installing door seals

It is a known fact that if air conditioning and heating are not being used in an effective way, it may add to the electricity bill no matter how conscious your electricity usage is. Hence, door seals can help in reducing the warm or cool environment of your residence to be affected by the leakage through windows or door panels.

Air leakage contributes to a large loss of coolness in climates where air conditioners are used and accounting for 15-25% percent of winter heat loss in residences.

Sealing your home against air leakage is one of the most straightforward renovations you can make to improve your comfort while lowering your energy bills and lowering your carbon emissions by up to 25%.

Effectively eliminate drafts

Consistent indoor temperatures

Improved energy efficiency

Cut down on noise

Enhanced indoor comfort

Reduced energy bills

Eligibility criteria for free door seals

Victorian homeowners can take advantage of this offer if they meet the following criteria:

Own/rent a property in Victoria

Have external doors at your home

Have an evaporative cooling system installed.

Consent to a home assessment by a certified installer

About the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program is an initiative designed to help residents and businesses across the state reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By providing free vent covers, the rebate program aims to enhance energy efficiency and indoor air quality in homes across Victoria.

How to apply?

Step 1

Complete the oill out the enquiry form on our website

Step 2

Schedule an appointment at your convenience

Step 3

A certified installer will visit your home to assess and install door seals

Step 4

Enjoy the benefits of improved energy-efficiency and air quality

free door seals victoria VEU program

Australian designed. Government backed.

These door seals are made in Australia using durable materials. They do the job perfectly. They are capable of reducing your home’s energy use by up to 15%.

Since the Victorian Government Energy Upgrades rebate program encourages Victorian homeowners and businesses upgrade to energy efficient products and reduce energy use, bills, and carbon footprint, installing free door seals under the rebate scheme is another initiative by the state government to help Victorian homeowners reduce their energy consumption on heating and cooling and save money on reduced electricity bills.

Door seals help keep a check on your household energy use by preventing hot or cold air from escaping, requiring less energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperature.

No cost, no catch

Door seals are available for free. The government Energy Upgrades Scheme has provided millions of Victorian homes with energy-efficient products and helped reduce their energy costs over the past 10 years.

Victorian residents can access complimentary door seals for all external doors, provided they are standard-size and non-sliding. The significant advantage lies in installing these door seals, which are entirely free. This hassle-free offer covers supply and installation at no cost to the resident. With the convenience of a professional installation at no charge, this initiative ensures residents enjoy improved comfort and energy efficiency without any financial burden.

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    FAQs about free door seals installation in Victoria

    The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program is a state government initiative aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by providing free or discounted energy-efficient products and services to homeowners.
    All homeowners in Victoria are eligible for free door seals.
    By sealing gaps around the external door(s), these seals prevent heat loss in winter and cool air loss in summer, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
    Benefits include improved energy efficiency, enhanced indoor air quality, cost savings on utility bills, and a positive environmental impact.
    Simply fill out the online application form below, schedule an appointment, and our certified installer will take care of the rest.
    Because door seals are supplied and installed under the state government-run VEU rebate scheme. It’s a VIC state government initiative that encourages businesses and homeowners to install highly energy efficient products at little to no cost.
    All homeowners in Victoria are eligible for free door seals installation. If you haven’t already installed them under the rebate program, you are eligible for the upgrade.